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Credit Card Processing Referrals

If you are looking to build your business and make a significant profit, we would like to offer you the opportunity to join one of our Ignite Payments referral programs, a powerful sales channel that allows companies across a variety of industries share our revenue and reap the rewards of providing innovative, one-of-a-kind payment processing solutions to clients across the country.

Ignite Payments has independently owned and operated Agent Sales Offices and Sales Representatives located throughout the United States, including internet service providers, web developers, webmasters, software companies, e-commerce developers, search engine optimization companies and web hosting companies, as well as other businesses that want to provide their clients with merchant accounts for online electronic payment transaction processing.

What are your products and services?

It's easy to make a profit as a Ignite Payments partner, because we offer a wide range of scalable products and services that satisfy a diverse merchant base. These products and services include:

  • An array of credit and debit card options
  • Flexible billing options
  • A full service help desk
  • Outstanding customer service support
  • TeleCheck® check acceptance solutions, providing customers the confidence to accept more checks while reducing banking fees
  • Gift cards; allowing customers to increase revenue and decrease payroll costs
  • First Data™ FD100 terminal - An all-in-one touch screen point-of-sale terminal provides a safe, secure internet dial-up platform that is compatible with many standard peripherals
  • Wireless terminals and products that offer the flexibility to move beyond cash transactions
  • Contactless Payments- Innovative products that save time, allowing on-the-go customers to wave or tap their cards in front of point-of-sale terminal and be on their way

What kind of support do you provide?

Yes! Ignite Payments agents are able to choose from a variety of competitive revenue sharing programs for the right compensation model. We will provide you with a host of tools and resources to help you make sales, including comprehensive training, marketing, brand name recognition and multiple electronic payment options to help you increase your customer base and maximize your profit potential. And as your business grows or goes through changes, you can move between our Agent, ISO and FSP programs to adapt to your evolving business goals.

What's the payout?

There are countless benefits of becoming an Ignite Payments partner, including unparalleled revenue sharing with a payment solutions provider with one of the highest approval ratings in the industry. We provide flexible, robust and secure products and services as well as a real time online application with no signature required. Additionally, Ignite Payments assumes all risk associated with payment services.

As an Ignite Payments Referral Partner, you will share our revenue in the following:

  • Discount (MC, Visa)
  • Authorization Fees
  • Chargeback Fees
  • Debit Fees
  • Statement Fees
  • Batch Header Fees
  • Transaction Fees
  • Monthly Minimum Fees

You will have a strategic relationship with Ignite Payments and can expect the following payment structure:

  • 10% GPR Commission Matrix
    • Payout varies according to rates and fees for both keyed and swiped merchants
    • Can easily make $3,000+ payout over a three year period with swiped merchants. Some partners make close to $20,000
    • Keyed pricing payouts are much higher, with partners often making between $30,000 and $40,000 in a 3 year period

How do I get paid?

To keep track of the referrals you have generated, you will receive a detailed statement containing a list of all sold referrals is generated to the partner on a monthly basis along with a residual payout. You can view all of your lead referrals and payouts on an exclusive website for merchants, (MMO). On this website, you also have 24/7 access to the following detailed account information:

  • Download financial data
  • Reconcile deposits
  • Retrieve deposit information, transaction qualifications, adjustment details, and debit card activity
  • View detailed reports of chargeback and retrieval histories
  • View Ignite Payments news and updates
  • Receive prompt answers to questions submitted via email

How can I get started?

To get started as an Ignite Payments partner or agent or to find out more about our referral programs, contact us at (847) 847-4834. We look forward to partnering with you!